Dyed-Silk Wearable Art Collection

Silk has a rich history, and Rosemary loves working with it for it's amazing color palate, and the luscious hand of the many silk fabrics available. She incorporates traditional methods of hand-dying silk to create fresh, modern takes that delight the eye, and are invigorating to wear. Rosemary's silks range from simple scarves and sarongs, to complete sets with tank tops and camisoles that combine with matching silk chiffon jackets.

Click on an image below to view Rosemary's wearable-art dyed silk collection.

  • P9213468

    Silk P9213468

  • P9213440

    Silk P9213440

  • P9213683

    Silk P9213683

  • P9213457

    Silk P9213457

  • IMG_3047

    Silk IMG_3047

  • P9213485

    Silk P9213485

  • P9213479

    Silk P9213479

  • P9213569

    Silk P9213569

  • IMG_8549

    Silk IMG_8549

  • P9213434

    Silk P9213434

  • P9213420

    Silk P9213420

  • IMG_7915

    Silk IMG_7915

  • IMG_7939

    Silk IMG_7939

  • IMG_7904

    Silk IMG_7904

  • IMG_7898

    Silk IMG_7898

  • IMG_7913

    Silk IMG_7913

  • IMG_7922

    Silk IMG_7922

  • IMG_7909

    Silk IMG_7909

  • IMG_8543

    Silk IMG_8543

  • IMG_7886

    Silk IMG_7886

  • IMG_7879

    Silk IMG_7879

  • IMG_7925

    Silk IMG_7925

  • IMG_7931

    Silk IMG_7931

  • P9213413

    Silk P9213413

  • P9213528

    Silk P9213528

  • IMG_8326

    Silk IMG_8326

  • P9213701

    Silk P9213701

  • P9213503

    Silk P9213503

  • IMG_8526

    Silk IMG_8526

  • P9213513

    Silk P9213513

  • IMG_8532

    Silk IMG_8532

  • IMG_8041

    Silk IMG_8041

  • P9213538

    Silk P9213538

  • IMG_8337

    Silk IMG_8337

  • P9213712

    Silk P9213712

The Art of Rosemary Miller
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