Tropical-Themed Art Collections

Rosemary has lived in Hawaii for decades, and the tropics influence much of her art. This collection includes florals and seascapes that celebrate the natural world in Hawaii and the tropics.

Select a gallery below to view Rosemary's floral and seascape art collections.

  • Floral

  • Hawaiian Coconuts E2

    Floral Hawaiian Coconuts E2

  • Torch Ginger with Blue Ti

    Floral Torch Ginger with Blue Ti

  • Great Heliconia with Happy Anthurium

    Floral Great Heliconia with Happy Anthurium

  • Coffee and Anthuriums E2

    Floral Coffee and Anthuriums E2

  • Orchids and Haleconias

    Floral Orchids and Haleconias

  • Pink Hibiscus with Orchids

    Floral Pink Hibiscus with Orchids

  • Anthuriums and Orchids

    Floral Anthuriums and Orchids

  • Heliconia with Native Ferns

    Floral Heliconia with Native Ferns

  • Spring Flowers with Daisys

    Floral Spring Flowers with Daisys

  • Floral Abstract Watercolor

    Floral Floral Abstract Watercolor

  • Dancing Phalaenopsis

    Floral Dancing Phalaenopsis

  • Sunny Flowers

    Floral Sunny Flowers

  • Hot Poppies

    Floral Hot Poppies

  • Bird of Paradise with Pink Ginger

    Floral Bird of Paradise with Pink Ginger

  • Torch Ginger & Heliconia

    Floral Torch Ginger & Heliconia

  • Pink Pontsettas with Butterfly

    Floral Pink Pontsettas with Butterfly

  • Hula Girl Hibiscus

    Floral Hula Girl Hibiscus

  • Splendid Flowers

    Floral Splendid Flowers

  • Flowers Can Be Exciting

    Floral Flowers Can Be Exciting

  • Pink Banana

    Floral Pink Banana

  • Hawaiian Boquet

    Floral Hawaiian Boquet

  • Tropical Fruit

    Floral Tropical Fruit

  • Clyd's Flowers

    Floral Clyd's Flowers

  • Seascape

  • Hawaii Turtles

    Seascape Hawaii Turtles

  • UnderThe Sea

    Seascape UnderThe Sea

  • JWN_2140

    Seascape JWN_2140

  • Waves That Tell A Story

    Seascape Waves That Tell A Story

  • Mountain Dream

    Seascape Mountain Dream

  • Sea Turtles

    Seascape Sea Turtles

  • Pine At Waters Edge

    Seascape Pine At Waters Edge

  • Hawaiian Sea 2

    Seascape Hawaiian Sea 2

  • Rocks At Sunset (Rons)

    Seascape Rocks At Sunset (Rons)

  • Under A Rainbow Sea

    Seascape Under A Rainbow Sea

  • Eternal Waterfall

    Seascape Eternal Waterfall

  • Beach with Heliotrope

    Seascape Beach with Heliotrope

  • Kona Rocks

    Seascape Kona Rocks

  • Boys Fishing 2

    Seascape Boys Fishing 2

  • Palm Tree 2

    Seascape Palm Tree 2

  • Wahiawa Bay, Kona

    Seascape Wahiawa Bay, Kona

  • Palm Tree 1

    Seascape Palm Tree 1

  • UnderThe Sea 2

    Seascape UnderThe Sea 2

  • Cottage and Kids

    Seascape Cottage and Kids

  • Hawaiian Sea

    Seascape Hawaiian Sea

  • Boys Fishing

    Seascape Boys Fishing

  • Hanalei Bay

    Seascape Hanalei Bay

  • Hawaii Turtles 2

    Seascape Hawaii Turtles 2

  • Kawaihae Harbor

    Seascape Kawaihae Harbor

  • Summer Splash

    Seascape Summer Splash

  • Sailing The Seas

    Seascape Sailing The Seas

  • Palm Tree 2 2

    Seascape Palm Tree 2 2

  • Ocean Splash

    Seascape Ocean Splash

The Art of Rosemary Miller
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